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4th Generation
Traffic Monitoring

TrafficAID is installed independently or a pre-existing PowerAID network can be easily upgraded over the air.

Artificial Intelligence at its best!


How does TrafficAID work?

Felicity provides an intelligent urban design plan to create a network of PowerAID sensors around your urban environment.


Streetlight Sensors

These sensors are strategically positioned to gather the maximum amount of Multi-modal Traffic Data to optimise your PowerAID solution

These sensors provide the perfect subsidized Traffic Monitoring network for multi-modal data – where, when and for how long you need that data.

24hr Monitoring

Whilst PowerAID  works only at night, TrafficAID is able to monitor multimodal traffic movement 24 hours a day.

AI parameters can be updated over the air to collect any data you require.

AI Driven Traffic Data

The entire urban environment can benefit from AI-driven traffic data –

  • Data available Mode shift | Average speed | Public Transport | Congestion Traffic Patterns | Critical incident detection | and much more.

  • Local ITS and Signal equipment can be connected for real-time actuation.

Own Data

You own all the data that you pay for

  • Felicity’s technical support team updates your software over the air

  • Your monthly subscription fee is adjusted based on the data you need

The TrafficAID solution utilises world-leading Artificial Intelligence on a subscription service.

TrafficAID provides real time customised traffic data processed at the edge.

The TrafficAID™ solution utilises world-leading Artificial Intelligence on a subscription service.
There is no capital investment required.



TrafficAID utilises world-leading Artificial Intelligence over camera imagery, processed at the edge.

TrafficAID sensors collect traffic data at strategic or critical points across the urban network with standard cellular networks communicating GDPR compliant anonymized data in real time.


TrafficAID improves road safety by monitoring critical zones, can send alerts in real time, provide data to assess behavioural change and can send life-saving commands to in-field actuation devices.

Monitoring of specific critical zones in real time 24|7|365.


TrafficAID drives increased network efficiency at the operational, tactical and strategic levels.

Traffic data is provided in real time to managers, place makers and planners to provide insights into mode shifts, traffic density and build-up, ultimately being able to integrate with and command localised traffic management control systems.
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