We enable the deployment of Smart City technologies and empower communities to improve the quality of life for their citizens


FELICITY SMART INFRASTRUCTURE is an Australian-based Company that Enables Smart Cities globally through our Intelligent Streetlight Designs and multi-protocol IoT Device Management Platforms.

FELICITY LIGHTING based in Copenhagen Denmark leads our Product Development with each Scandinavian-designed Luminaire incorporating a unique open-source SMART CITY PORTAL®.


Clients determine their own requirements and can procure and connect any Smart City technology component as their needs determine and evolve.

FELICITY CONNECT based in New Zealand provides clients with a user-friendly SMART CITY APP® that shows all Streetlights and Smart City technology sensors on a single visual platform.


This allows data monitoring, management and pre-programmed auto-responses to optimise efficiency in all required fields of opportunity as determined by each client.

FELICITY BOSS enables Network Operators more broadly to manage Data flows Northbound and Southbound on a Carrier-grade multi-protocol IoT Device Management platform, provided as a Business Operations Support Service.

Together or individually, FELICITY SMART INFRASTRUCTURE Products and Services enable Smart Cities to build out and efficiently manage their infrastructure and data, now and into the future.

FELICITY is the personality behind Smart Cities, enabling the deployment of highly sophisticated technologies and empowering communities in a way that is at once approachable and desirable.

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